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About the


Puerto Rico Live Aid Presents

“The Totally 90’s Tour” an event that will help Puerto Rico in the long-term recovery. Proceeds will help rebuild homes that were destroyed throughout the Island by Hurricane Maria. The tour is set to hit Miami and Kissimmee March of 2018, and continue across the U.S, we are committed. Your support and contributions for this event will enable us to meet our goals and help millions that were affected in Puerto Rico.

about us

We are taking you back to the 90’s!
There are so many unforgettable hits of the era, but right now we’re thinking about the tunes that made you put your Beanie Babies aside, turn your boombox up, and get on the floor and dance to songs from the 1990’s, the Artists on this tour did just that. Like, Black Box with the hits “Everybody Everybody” & “Strike it up”, C& C Music Factory and their smash hit :Everybody Dance Now”, Crystal Waters “Gypsy Woman”, Snap “Power”, Robin S “Show Me Love”, Rob Base “It Takes Two”, Amber “This is Your Night” Just a few of the many Artist that will be on this tour and will guarantee to have you partying all night.

The tour will start in Orlando Saturday November 11, 2017 and work its way down to Miami Friday November 17, 2017. Other Cities will be added, so watch out we are coming to bring some fun, energy, smiles and lots of singing & dancing back into your life. Yes, this is “TOTALLY 90’s”

1990’s music history

The musical era of the 1990s was one filled with a variety of pop, rap, and alternative music artists as well as a plethora of one-hit wonders. It was a time when musical taste was as varied as the events that were happening at the time. Many of the most popular acts that emerged in the 1990’s were bands and artists who enjoyed a type of resurgence in the mainstream music scene after their popularity had dwindled for a decade or so. Other artists were just starting out during this decade and make a huge impact on the musical scene. Following is an explanation of some of the most memorable artists that helped to define the era in terms of musical differentiation’s as well as some artists who are best forgotten.
The early years of the 1990s began with a surge in popularity for music genres like techno (often called dance or house music) and hip-hop that continued throughout the decade. Groups like Technotronic entered the Billboard charts with big hits like “Pump Up the Jam” and “Get Up (Before the Night is Over)”. Others will undoubtedly remember the hits from C+C Music Factory, including “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” that is still a popular dance song at many of the dance clubs across the country. Similarly, the hip-hop music scene achieved popularity with artists like MC Hammer, Tone Loc, and Vanilla Ice. The subject matter that these artists chose to use in their music was as varied as their audiences. MC Hammer, for instance, sung (or rapped, depending on you want to refer to it) about subjects including the rise of his career as well as songs about praying for the betterment of society. On the other hand, Tone Loc’s songs were riddled with sexual lyrics and innuendo that seem tame and conservative by today’s standards.